Now that another good Sunday service had concluded, Marion and LJ made a b-line to one of their favorite restaurants for lunch.  They were seated almost immediately upon arrival and their waiter Bob (not his real name) came to take their drink orders.  He soon returned with the lite ice Arnold Palmer for LJ and water with lemon and extra ice for Marion. But the manner in which the drinks were heavily planted onto the table was the first indication that Bob was NOT having a good day.

He later came back with their food orders, placing their plates onto the table with a plunking sound. Then Bob stormed off quickly before they could ask for an extra napkin and steak sauce.  Marion and LJ blessed their food and expected Bob to circle back to them for the typical follow-up to see if everything was to their liking.  But Bob was a “no show”.  Seeing him from a distance, Marion beckoned him to come over and asked for the additional items they needed for complete enjoyment of their dining experience. Bob seemed irritated by the simple requests as he hurried off to get the items. While gone, Marion and LJ agreed that his service was far from being stellar.

So, when Bob came back to the table, LJ asked him if she could pray with him about anything.  Bob’s troubled countenance softened as he stooped down to eyelevel and told of the disturbing call he had received about his mother being very ill.  He relayed how he had to fly out after work to see her; perhaps this would be the last time he would see her alive.  Her condition was medically hopeless. So, LJ and Marion prayed with him immediately, exercising authority over the fear that was obviously tormenting him and commanding deliverance from the oppression of sickness that was on his mother’s body. 

At the “Amen”, Bob looks up with a relieving “thank you”. The frowns and worry crevices that were once in his face were now gone. It appeared as though blood started to flow into his face again and he regained a natural glow and look or utter relief.  He came back to the table a couple of times to check on Marion and LJ before they finished their meal and left the restaurant.

A month or so later, LJ was back at the same restaurant and happened to see Bob.  She beckoned to him and asked how both he and his mother were doing. Bob remembered her and responded that ALL was well!  His mom was out of the hospital, back at home and doing well as if she had never been given the grim diagnosis in the first place.  Bob was still aglow with gratefulness at the drastic results he had received from a drastic prayer.

Affirmation: I am a Lightbearer. I believe God’s word and I pray the will of God. He always hears me because I pray His will. And because He hears me, I am confident that I have the petitions that I ask of Him. With God, ALL things are possible to them that believe. Though prayer, I am influencing the culture around me with God’s goodness.

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