Since asking God to make her a light to the people she encounters, Rebecca had a number of occasions when the whisper of God in her inner man would nudge her to pay for items being purchased by the person standing ahead of her in a check-out line. Not wanting to embarrass them or to bring attention to herself, she would whisper to the person her intentions to make their purchase. But, she would always precede that statement by telling them that Jesus loves them. So her discourse would sound something like this: “Jesus loves you and wants me to pay for your items today.”

Well as you can imagine, the reactions from the unsuspecting persons standing ahead of her have varied from shock to crazy excitement. Crazy excitement was the result on a particular day in the checkout line at the dollar store. Rebecca received the nudge from the Holy Spirit inside of her to purchase the 20 or so items for the lady standing in front of her. Getting the lady’s attention through a gentle tap on her shoulder, Rebecca said “Jesus loves you and wants me to pay for your items today”. To that the lady exclaimed, “Jesus loves me! Jesus loves me!” Then in a louder, more excited voice, the lady exclaimed “today is my birthday and Jesus has sent me this gift!” From there, the lady leaped from the line and ran down the store aisle proclaiming that Jesus had sent her a gift for her birthday. Her exuberant joy displayed her praise and honor to God for everyone in the store to experience.

Rebecca was a light through her good works – her gift of obedience to God and the purchase of goods for the lady in line. The lady’s reaction was a light as she rejoiced at the favor and goodness of God to her on that day. The will, character and nature of God were on display for all in the store to see and God was glorified.

The goal of the life of a Lightbearer is to put on display the goodness of God. He is infinitely good and perfect in all of His ways. Simply put, if you are experiencing something that is evil and “bad to the bone”, don’t be quick to associate that with God because evil and “bad to the bone” are not in His character or nature. Also, God does not act out of His true nature and character – He is not fickle. Things happen to us all that we do not understand. Some occur because living life is like driving on a highway. We can only drive as responsibly as we can; but there are others who don’t. Also, mistakes happen on the highway as well as in life. And in life, the enemy of God is also the enemy of those He created. Finally, some things happen to us as an effect or consequence of something we have done, whether by mistake or intention.

Regardless of the reasons or the conditions, let’s remember that God’s love is a continuous flow of goodness, grace and mercy towards ALL. And, He is in the business of working things out for the GOOD of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose (Romans 8:28). He is not making things go bad for those who love Him. So as a Lightbearer, we must love God and do good to and for others. The light of God will reflect through us for our personal benefit and for the benefit of those who need to see His goodness.

Affirmation: I am a Lightbearer, loving God through my obedience and reflecting the goodness of God through good works. In turn, God is working all things for my good – no matter the condition, cause or pain associated with either; I look to God to make something good come from it.

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