Haiti Schools

In October of 2007, Evangelist Elsie Augustin was led by God to Gonaives Haiti, a city that was reported as having been dedicated to Satan some 200 years ago. Since then, much of its population had walked in darkness and lived bound to evil influences.

Seeing the distress of the people, Evangelist Elsie stepped out and embraced the Calling / Mission placed on her life as a young woman to bring the knowledge of a loving God to the hopeless, distressed and oppressed in Haiti. In 20xx, Evangelist Elsie founded a grade school in the village of Bassin Desources to teach this message of love along with academic subjects to the children.
Through the school the children receive quality instruction, uniforms and shoes, school supplies and nutritious meals in a hope-filled environment. To further demonstrate the love of God, children and their families receive food and small gifts at Christmas, something that many had never received before enrolling in the school. Through this, character, esteem, and the grace of giving are built into the children and their families.
The grade school currently enrolls 70 students attending the equivalent of Grades 1 through 12. Your donations go directly to covering student costs through sponsoring 1 or more students for the school year.
Plans are also underway for a Vocational School to teach Sewing, Baking and Computer Technology to students who have graduated from the Grade school.
If interested in supporting the Haiti Schools, please CONTACT us for further details.

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