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Meeting Needs -
Spiritual and Natural



Freely receive; freely give is a fundamental principle of love in Christian living. Because love is an action, we engage in various outreach activities to connect with those in need. Through evangelism we share the Good News of Jesus’ sacrifice for the sin of humanity and our deliverance through His Blood. Through humanitarian services, we meet physical needs such as food, clothing, and living supplies. Our participation in short-term mission trips and the outreach efforts of other ministries position us to reach people with the love of Christ in places both near and far.

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In the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus closes out His time on earth with the charge to Go and Make Disciples of all the nations, baptizing them and teaching them the things He had taught (derived from Matthew 28:18-20). We take this as our primary mandate to provide Christ-centered, practical teaching of Biblical truths and principles – helping believers to discover their new, true identity in Jesus, hear and perceive the wisdom of God, and live fulfilled through good works.

While a variety of topics are taught, featured subjects emphasize the fundamentals of Christian life – true discipleship, active faith in God, prayer, hearing from God, stewardship, and serving others.

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Jesus tells us that the greatest among us are those who serve or help others. We support those already in ministry or already serving in missions work whether they are based in America or in another country. Through prayer, encouragement, fund-raising support, and administrative assistance, we partner with them in achieving their goals and ministry mandates. Our home-office services are confidential and tailored to the needs of the ministry leader or missionary, relieving their anxiety over administration and accountability requirements.

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Laura Wallace, Founder / Teacher / CPA

Bible teacher and conference speaker seasoned in applying Biblical truths for wise living at home, in the community, at church and in the marketplace. After completing Bible School, planned to finish raising her son as a single mom and then finding her place as a teacher in a local church. God’s preparation had been for much more, not wanting to embrace that, she has stumbled around … like so many other Christians as though she had no purpose. Stuck on the pews, believing that happiness was based on events and not choice, stagnated success in business / career … grown child finding his way…. Insistent upon finding my way and not giving up until I could say I participated in a major move of God in my life time. I have heard the stories of the people I admire and how they were used of God, but where was mine.