Teaching Biblical Truths


The purpose of light is to illuminate and reveal what would otherwise be hidden in darkness. It makes clear an object, person, principle or ideal that would otherwise be naturally obscure. Jesus said that one reason He came into the world was to reveal the Father God. In other words, He came to bring clarity to the person, will, nature and character of the True God, which would otherwise be hidden or obscure to humanity in general.

Jesus personified the love of God and the will of God to free all of humanity and the earth from darkness - bondage to sin, reign of evil and devilish oppression, and ignorance of Truth. Jesus is the revealer of light, a Lightbearer.  Through the Words He spoke and the resulting works He performed, darkness was and continues to be overcome by light.  And He expects His followers to continue in the same.

For this reason, Lightbearers is a series of lessons that teach the foundational truths of God’s Word.  These lessons are designed to train and equip followers of Jesus Christ in living the life that Jesus lived, continuing the works that He started, and advancing into the “greater works” that He commanded.  Training sessions take the form of live and web events; written, audio and video materials.

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Receive a quick recharge to your day and life through a 12-minute teaching from a recently aired Lightbearers Impact broadcast.


Light Beams is a series of testimonies and allegories that reveal a truth about God through the words and deeds of people and the activities of God’s creation. As used in the teaching methods of Jesus, these stories help to bring clarity and understanding to spiritual topics. Each one is a “quick read” with simple affirmations at the end. Many speak these affirmations in faith to and over themselves and receive God’s transforming Grace into their lives, just as Jesus did.


Now 16 and a senior in high school, Q was learning to drive but had no vehicle. Although in no immediate hurry to find one, all of his friends’ parents had either provided for them a vehicle or had helped them to acquire one. Q was from a single-parent household where he and his mother both…
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Now that another good Sunday service had concluded, Marion and LJ made a b-line to one of their favorite restaurants for lunch.  They were seated almost immediately upon arrival and their waiter Bob (not his real name) came to take their drink orders.  He soon returned with the lite ice Arnold Palmer for LJ and…
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Since asking God to make her a light to the people she encounters, Rebecca had a number of occasions when the whisper of God in her inner man would nudge her to pay for items being purchased by the person standing ahead of her in a check-out line. Not wanting to embarrass them or to…
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