Christian Evangelism and
Humanitarian Aid


Numerous opportunities exist to serve God in doing our part in making disciples of the nations as Jesus commanded in Matthew 28:18-20. We endeavor to be a light and witness of Jesus in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the uttermost parts of the earth as Jesus commanded in Acts 1:8. While Jesus used these specific geographical locations to describe the reach He expected His followers to take in spreading the Gospel, we use the generic terms of Community, National and Global to describe the same.

Our missions consist of scheduled events and ongoing outreach activities.

Community Events. Evangelism and distribution of humanitarian aid by teams organized from a church or community group to persons located in areas closest to where we live.

National Events. Mission trips for evangelism, distribution of humanitarian aid, or ministry support services provided by teams who travel within our state or to another state in the US. We always endeavor to partner with local churches in the state allowing us to connect those we encounter with a pastor for ongoing care and discipleship.

Global Events. Short-term mission trips to nations outside of the United States with the express purpose to serve and assist a church or missionary located in those nations. 

Outreaches. Ongoing activities that share the Good News and love of Jesus Christ on a recurring basis mainly through the work of mission partners regardless of geographical location. 

Our scheduled community, national, and global ministry opportunities are listed under Upcoming Events. Once you sense a leading from God to participate in one or more event, click the REGISTER button to get started. Feel free to email us at info@mad4jesus.com for more information.

Click on OUTREACHES for a description of ongoing activities and how your support can make an eternal difference in the lives of many.

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Through the work of mission partners and our own endeavors, we are shining the light of Jesus Christ on a continuous basis to people all over the world. Through your prayers and financial support, you can join us in making an eternal difference in the lives of thousands.

Space Coast Prayer Breakfast

The Space Coast Prayer Breakfast is a county-wide outreach to awaken the hearts of the Space Coast to turn their focus to the Lord…in their lives, their families, at work, and in their communities. Every year, nearly 300 people gather in a local hotel ballroom to pray specifically for the businesses, leaders, and families.  We…

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Haiti Schools

In October of 2007, Evangelist Elsie Augustin was led by God to Gonaives Haiti, a city that was reported as having been dedicated to Satan some 200 years ago. Since then, much of its population had walked in darkness and lived bound to evil influences. Seeing the distress of the people, Evangelist Elsie stepped out…

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