Helping other Ministries

Support for Those Who Serve

In ministry, just as mostly any other endeavor, there is the functional side and the administrative side. There is the actual work of the ministry; and there is the office work that records and reports what is being done. This office work requires specialized skills, not to mention time and resources - money, equipment, and software.

The minister’s success is dependent upon excellence in all areas. Yet, we find that those in ministry rarely have the time, skill, resources or passion to do both the ministry and the administration. And, the work of ministry to people is too important to be placed in jeopardy because the needed administration is left undone. We also find that ministry to others can ironically be a lonely and isolated endeavor for many. This puts added strain on the minister’s focus and passion to carry on.

For these reasons, our Support Services are designed to serve those who are already serving others by providing the needed administrative and relationship support.

Who We Support

We serve independent ministers who are not being sent through a denomination, but are serving in America or in a foreign country on a long-term basis. Our goal is to help you to succeed in what you are called to do. To that end, we will first perform an interview / evaluation of your preparedness to function in the area of your stated calling on a long-term basis. This is the initial link to our determination of how best to serve you.

How We Support

Our Support Services include two (2) categories:

  • Administrative Support
  • Relationship Support

Administrative Support

Our back-office or home-office services are designed to provide efficient processing of donations and management of supporter lists for both the state-side minister and missionary serving aboard. We make timely deposits into your ministry account and send your donors the receipts required by the IRS. Through our web-based technology, you will have secure access to your supporter information and accounting reports.

The managerial oversight of these services is provided by a licensed CPA and services are performed within a framework of proper internal control procedures, including the checks and balances needed to safeguard your assets and minimize the risks of loss.

Services include:

  • Receiving and updating donor records for incoming donations from the mail or online giving
  • Sending out donation receipts to the donors based upon their chosen method
  • Tallying donations and depositing them into your designated bank account
  • Updating your donor contact information as requested by donor
  • Maintaining donation and deposit history for your records
  • Providing you with secure, online access to your records
  • Managing access to your records to preserve confidentiality

Other specialized services are available and are fee-based, but packaged based upon your needs.

Relationship Support

As with swimming, ministry should never be done alone. But many times, as independent ministers, we find there just isn’t anyone that we really know to come along with us and side with us in ministry endeavors. Well, now there is. We understand the importance of effective partnership, not only from the perspective of financial support, but also from the perspective of relationship support. 

Our relationship services are designed specifically to encourage and empower you to walk out your calling day-by-day, until you and God are satisfied it is done.

These services include:

  • Chit-Chat – sometimes you just need someone to talk to, laugh with or cry with - even to laugh with until you cry. Chit-chat via a phone call, text message, email or video conference at the right time can be the medicine needed by the soul.
  • You Gotta’ Friend – things you would like or need to be done that we can do just as a friend – it could be as simple as sending you a favorite shampoo, lipstick, magazine, wall poster, chewing gum, etc., or checking up on a relative or friend for you.
  • Personal Cheerleader – everyone needs someone that thinks they are great! Through a time of prayer and encouragement, you know you have someone who cares enough to listen and believe in your success. We will always remind you of God’s faithfulness and we can refer you to counsel on weighty matters.
  • Wisdom Nuggets – recurring, but not necessarily daily, words of wisdom that inspire and remind of God’s Truths.

Things to Note about Our Support

  1. We are not a sending agency for ministries or missionaries. However, we can provide assistance with certain fund-raising activities.
  2. We make every effort to package and tailor support services to meet the needs and budget of the minister or missionary. 
  3. All ministry information and donations are held in the strictest confidence and accessible by the ministry leader via authorized sign-on.
  4. Administrative Support services are available only to those ministers or missionaries with a minimum amount of financial donations being processed through Missions: America and Beyond.

For more details on these services, complete the Support Services Request or email us at to get started.